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You’ll Never See It Coming (Perspectives)

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He was born with a crown and in no way anyone could possibly touch him. But, No one could fall out of his enchanting smell which was almost a spell. To my bad, He was an indestructible introvert who had bonding issues and I was devastated that I couldn’t get a glimpse of his Charm. One fine day, I went running to him tried to open him up to make me feel complete only realizing he’s complete himself. The rude mean hurting outward gesture is just to keep him out of trouble, inside he was as sweet as heaven and his touch could make anything and everything tender. He needs no beauty to lift his curse as he’s “Beauty in a Beast” himself.

You might be wondering that the small writing that I’ve typed above would be about a guy I’ve crushing badly on or the guy I’m dating or the guy who has rejected me. That’s one perspective and mostly the common one.

But, what you don’t see is that it can be about an object too. So, I’m gonna break this to you. The above mentioned writing is about a Pineapple actually. The crown, spikes (you can’t touch him easily), its natural odour, scientifically proven that it can’t be used as a bonding agent like thickeners and stabilizers, it tastes sweet and it can be used as a tenderizer. Basically, I’ve just listed out its properties and personified it.

Anyone who’s specialized in food science would’ve guessed it. It’s the awareness and knowledge that’s opening up your mind and lets you think of other possibilities than thinking conventionally. And, when you narrow it down, it’s all about the perspective.

From this what we can take home is that the ore you know about things, the more you can unlock the creative aspects of Perspection which helps you develop a broad mindset and success with No Diggity!

And, this is what I do, I try to talk about food science and self improvement using their natural analogies. Thank You :)

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Hi! I'm a Food technologist who also has some knowledge on Mental Health and Relationship from my own Personal Experience. I hope you like my work. Thank You :)

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