Overcoming Overwhelm

You know exactly what I’m talking about. That feeling when you feel froze and don’t know what to do next, though you have so much to do. That’s the feeling of overwhelm.

Why does it happen?

You feel overwhelmed when your brain is filled with things/stuff which you are supposed to do. Like submitting your record, meeting the deadlines, an article which you’ve to type, rent which you’ve to pay for and so much more. You see, your mind is filled with things and it's overflowing with the tasks which you got to complete. …

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He was born with a crown and in no way anyone could possibly touch him. But, No one could fall out of his enchanting smell which was almost a spell. To my bad, He was an indestructible introvert who had bonding issues and I was devastated that I couldn’t get a glimpse of his Charm. One fine day, I went running to him tried to open him up to make me feel complete only realizing he’s complete himself. The rude mean hurting outward gesture is just to keep him out of trouble, inside he was as sweet as heaven and…

A good proportion of Love, Respect, Trust and attachment/dependency are bound to create a Healthy Relationship.

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Just like how Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals in required proportions contribute to a Heathy Human body.


Hi! I'm a Food technologist who also has some knowledge on Mental Health and Relationship from my own Personal Experience. I hope you like my work. Thank You :)

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